10 Person Tents

Nothing is more satisfying than sleeping and camping under the beautiful sight of the constellation of stars. This experience becomes more cherishing when you do camping with a large group of your loved ones. But, to enjoy your camping trip to the fullest, you need to have the best camping gear. Among the most essential gears, comes the best 10 person tent which will work wonders by accommodating your whole group of family and friends.

Selecting a suitable 10-person tent can be a daunting task. There are a vast variety of alternatives available out there that can confuse you.

So, to help you out, we did some research. And now, we have come up with the best 10 person tents available in the market. In addition to this, we have also jotted down a buyer’s guide to aid you in picking your ideal 10 person tent.

Best 10 Person Tent

Ozark Trail 10 Person Family Cabin Tent

Best 10 Person Tent With Windows

Ozark Trail 10 Person Family Cabin Tent

This Ozark Trail tent is one of my favourites because of its amazing design and features. It is a roomy structure that can accommodate 10 adult sleeping bags or fit in 3 queen-sized airbeds. Privacy is also taken care of in this tent as it comes with 2 room dividers which create 3 separate compartments. There are 3 doors in total which includes one large center door and two side doors. So, you will have a separate entrance for each compartment.

The tent measures 20ft x 10ft and comes with a center height of 78”. Its weight is around 27.6 lbs which may be a bit heavy for backpacking trips but will work well for car campers. If you are looking for a spacious tent then this tent is the perfect solution.

The ventilation is also good as the tent has got six windows. There are mesh windows and roof for high breathability. You can even enjoy the panoramic view of the camping site using the windows.

There are various other high-quality features present in this tent. It includes an E-port, a mud met so that the interior remains clean, and a shoe pocket for storing the footwear. Talking about storage, the tent comes with 4 small mesh pockets for storing the gear and keeping the tent nicely organized.

This Ozark tent is a nice option for 3-season usage. It’s not the most heavy-duty tent, but the quality is pretty good. It is sturdy and waterproof too. For weather resistance, the company has added a quality rainfly with the tent. Additionally, there are taped seams to prevent any type of leakages. There is the usage of poly taffeta and polyester material in the shell and fly. The frame consists of fiberglass and steel for better stability.


  • Comes with 2 room dividers.
  • Can accommodate 3 queen-sized airbeds.
  • Small mesh pockets for gear storage.
  • E-port assists in easy access for electrical cords.
  • 3 door entries.
  • Comes with mud mat.
  • Six windows for proper ventilation.


  • Setting it up is a bit tricky.
  • Setup instructions are not clear
  • Not amongst the most heavy-duty tents.

Tahoe Hear Olympia 10 Person Tent

Best 10 Person Tent Under $200

Tahoe Hear Olympia 10 Person Tent

If you are looking for a budget-friendly tent with all the necessary features, then this Tahoe tent is for you. The features that I like the most in this tent are the shock-corded poles along with the handy pin-and-ring system. This makes setting up the tent convenient and quick.

The Tahoe tent comes with a floor space of around 18ft x 10.5 f and a center height of 84”. This means the user will have plenty of space to move around and taller people will get more headroom. The tent can easily accommodate 10 adult sleeping bags or 2 queen-sized airbeds. It is a lightweight tent and is suitable for 3-season usage.

The weather protection is optimum in this tent. It is a perfect example of durable and quality construction. The tent has got waterproof rainfly built with polyester. Not only has this, but the taped seams and polyethylene binding floor also adds to the water-resistance level.

In the ventilation department, the tent works really well using the mesh roof and ground vents. Additionally, the tent has other helpful features like E-port, an awning over the door, and includes a carry bag too.

But, I found some issues in the tent too. It has got only one door and there are no room dividers. Everything else is alright.


  • Easy setup using the pin-and-ring system.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Comes with waterproof rainfly.
  • Lightweight.
  • Proper ventilation.
  • Electrical cord access point included.


  • Only one entry point.
  • Lacks room dividers.
  • During strong winds, the fiberglass frame may get damaged.

Northwest Territory Front Porch Cabin Tent 10 Person

Best 10 Person Tent With Screened Porch

Northwest Territory Front Porch Cabin Tent 10 Person

When it comes to a family tent with screened porch, this Northwest Territory tent is ruling the market for almost a decade. It is a nice tent that comes with dividers which results in 2 rooms along with a large front porch. Each room will have a separate door. The whole porch is screened but it lacks panels to protect the walls.

The tent’s inner area comes with bathtub-style floor and A-shape ceiling. There is a mesh ceiling which makes it a good summer camping tent with ample ventilation. The 6+2 window setup adds more to the airflow.

The setting-up process will take some time as it is a big and high tent. Its overall dimensions are 20ft x 10ft with a peak height of 7ft 2inches. It is heavyweight too, weighing around 23 kg. Its additional features include an E-cable port, 2 storage pockets on the walls, and a carry bag with wheels.


  • Large screened porch.
  • Separate door for each room.
  • Highly ventilated.
  • Comes with E-port.
  • Plenty of space.


  • Set-up is time-consuming.
  • Heavyweight tent.
  • Lacks panels in the screened porch.

CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

Best 10 Person Tent For Rain

CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

If you are looking for a large family tent that can serve you well during rain, then this Core tent is one of the best options available. This is a big tent that can accommodate 2 queen-sized airbeds and there is the use of 68-D polyester for protection against rain. This waterproof tent uses Core H2O technology for keeping the tent dry in all the conditions. In addition to this, for protection against rain, the tent comes with heat-sealed seams. It includes a rainfly too.

The good thing about this tent is that it comes with pre-attached poles which makes setup easier. The poles are of steel which holds well even in challenging conditions. For convenience, the company includes dividers in this tent along with front and back door access. There are several pockets too for storage.

Tall campers don’t need to bend inside the tent as it has got a center height of 86”. With windows all around, mesh ceiling, and ground vents, the tent provides plenty of airflow during summers. There is an E-port too for added convenience.


  • Easy to setup.
  • Comes with room dividers.
  • Front and back door entry.
  • Storage pockets to store gear.
  • Protection against rain using CORE H2O technology and heat-sealed seams.
  • Ample of airflow through windows, mesh ceiling, and ground vents.


  • Quality of zippers is not that good.

Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tent

Best 10 Person Tent For The Money

Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tent

For a great camping experience with your family and friends, you need a spacious and quality tent for the money. Well, the Mountain Trail Grand Pass tent is a nice option for you as it is an amazing value for money product that can fit-in 10 people easily.

It is a large tent with dimensions of 120”x216”x76” which makes it a spacious tent. The tent offers excellent ventilation too using the huge mesh roof and several windows. There are 2 “D” fashioned Dutch doors for convenience in entry and exit.

For fighting against challenging weather conditions, the manufacturers construct its frame using the shock cord fiberglass material. For additional strength and rain protection, it has a rimmed fly frame. The setting up and dismantling process of this tent is convenient too. It is because the company has designed the tent on the basis of stow ‘n’ go duffel technique.

Privacy is also taken care of by incorporating a divider screen which divides the interior into two rooms.


  • 2 D Dutch doors for easy entry and exit.
  • Room dividers for privacy.
  • Value for the money.
  • Highly ventilated.
  • Ease in setting up and dismantling the tent.


  • Not suitable for cold climatic conditions.
  • Lacks an entrance hall.
  • Zippers are a bit of hassle.

Outdoor Products 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Best 10 Person Instant Tent

Outdoor Products 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Most of the campers don’t want to get stuck in the trouble of assembling the tent. So, this tent not only offers you some of the amazing features but also gives you the bonus of instant setup. The tent comes with pre-attached poles which makes its setup immensely quick. One can easily assemble this tent within 2 minutes.

The tent offers sufficient space to accommodate 10 people with a floor space of 14ft x 10ft and a height of 78”. For extra privacy, there is a removable room divider which creates 2 separate rooms.

The ventilation is simply excellent, thanks to the mesh windows and dual ground vents. For rain protection, the tent comes with particle-cover, water-resistant rainfly. It flaunts a bathtub floor for protection against the wetness on the ground.

The Extended Eave Technology holds the fly a bit away from the tent for extra breathability. Through this, you can even enjoy light showers of rain by keeping the windows open.


  • Quick setup within 2 minutes.
  • Removable room dividers.
  • Mesh windows and dual ground vents.
  • Rain protection through water-resistant rainfly.
  • Extended Eave Technology.
  • Integrated storage pockets.
  • Can accommodate 2 queen-sized airbeds.


  • Heavyweight
  • Not amongst the most portable tents.

Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent

Best All-Weather 10 Person Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent

This Coleman tent is a perfect example of high-quality construction, affordable pricing, and value for the money product. The best thing about this tent is that it comes with Coleman’s patented WeatherTec System. It is this system only which makes this tent an all-weather tent.

The dimensions of this Coleman tent are 17ft x 9ft and have a height of 76”. Such dimensions make this tent fit to accommodate 3 queen-sized airbeds.

Setting up this tent is also kind of easy and straightforward. The color-coded poles system along with the continuous pole sleeves construction makes assembling the tent convenient.

The large angled windows take care of the ventilation and also provide a panoramic view of the camping area. There are multiple storage pockets too which aids in keeping the camping gear off the ground and organized. There are 2 doors in it for easy entry and exit. Room dividers are also there for privacy.

The WeatherTec system is the major attraction of this tent. This system consists of major design-elements that provides weather protection. It includes:

  • 75-denier taffeta rainfly with fully-taped seams,
  • For wicking the moisture, there is a weather-resistant fabric which makes use of the special anti-wicking thread,
  • Highly sealed and protected seams present on the inverted 1000-denier PE waterproof floor, and
  • Zipper cuffs to keep the bad weather outside the tent.


  • Convenience in setting up using the color-coded poles system.
  • Easy entry and exit using the hinged door.
  • Can accommodate 3 queen-sized airbeds.
  • 2 doors.
  • Room dividers.
  • WeatherTec System for weather protection.
  • Large angled windows.


  • Headroom is less.
  • Lacks instant setup.

Coleman Cabin Tent With Instant Setup

Best Coleman 10 Person Tent

Coleman Cabin Tent With Instant Setup

Are you looking for a tent that checks all the boxes of a quality tent at a reasonable price? Then one of the most attractive options is this Coleman Cabin Tent.

One of the features of this tent that captures my attention is the Dark Room technology. This features blocks 90% of the sunlight so that you can comfortably sleep even after sunrise. Additionally, this feature even keeps the tent cool making it suitable for summer days.

For protection against the water, there are welded corners as well as inverted seams. A rainfly also accompanies the tent for extra weather protection.

It is a roomy tent with an interior of 14ft x 10 ft and a center height of 6ft 7inches. It can easily adjust 10 people in it. The tent comes with instant setup features which allow you to assemble the tent in a few minutes. Its additional feature includes reflective guy lines which make it easier for the user to spot the tent during night time. Along with this, the tent comes with room dividers for added privacy.


  • Dark Room technology for blocking sunlight.
  • Good for summer use.
  • Room dividers allow the user to have extra privacy.
  • Instant setup.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Has got reflective guy lines.


  • Many users complain that the tent is not as waterproof as claimed by the company.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

Best 10 Person Tent For Warm Weather

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

When it comes to a tent that can stay cool during warm weather, then one of the top tents is the Ozark Trail Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent. It is a nice tent with a floor space of 14ft x 10ft and a center height of 78”. It can comfortably fit in 10 adult sleeping bags or 2 queen-size airbeds. If you want privacy, then the removable room dividers can help you out by dividing the interior space into 2 separate rooms.

There is no assembly required to pitch this tent as the poles come pre-attached to the shell of the tent. This allows you to set up the tent in just 2 minutes.

The most attractive feature of this tent is Dark Rest technology. It is a special technology for blocking the sunlight. It is an amazing technology that features multiple skylights using the interior ceiling panels. The work of these panels is to customize the level of sunlight that can enter the tent. You can even block the whole sunlight if you want. This technology keeps the tent cool making it a perfect choice for warm weather. If you want to enjoy the outside view, you can fully roll back the ceiling panels.

The tent even has mesh windows for proper airflow and ventilation during summers. It comes with rainfly too for weather protection.

Other additional features of this tent include an electrical cord access port, integrated storage pockets, and a carry bag.


  • Easy to pitch the tent.
  • Steel frame.
  • Dark Rest technology.
  • Comes with rainfly.
  • A removable room divider is also there.


  • Expensive
  • Heavyweight

NTK Arizona GT 10 Person Tent

Best Rated 10 Person Tent

NTK Arizona GT 10 Person Tent

The NTK Arizona GT 10 Person Tent is one of the best-rated tents as it comes with a whole lot of features and is easy to set up too. You can easily assemble it using the color-coded poles.

For adequate ventilation, the tent has got no-see-um micro mesh. This not only prevents any mosquito to enter the tent but also allows proper airflow. There is a vented panel which allows breathability even when you have covered the tent with the rainfly. For convenience in accessing the tent, there are two D-style doors present.

There is the use of heavy-duty 2500mm polyurethane and double layer polyester for its construction. For protection against weather, the bathtub style floor makes use of the silver-coated as well as anti-fungal layer.

Some additional features include mesh pockets for storing gear, room divider, and an O-ring for hanging lantern or torch.


  • Ease in setting up using color-coded poles.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Proper ventilation.
  • 2 D-style doors.
  • Adequate weather protection.
  • Room divider included.


  • It will be good if the manufacturers also waterproof the windows from outside.

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Buying Guide

If you are shopping for a good 10 person tent, then you need to take into consideration various buying factors. Before making a decision, if you’ll determine the factors that are important to you, then you’ll be able to pick a perfect fit. Creating a checklist of factors that you need the most can help you a lot. So, here are some of the most important considerations that you must keep in mind while shopping for a family tent.

1. Checking The Size And Layout

If you look in the market, you’ll come to know that there are a variety of 10 person tents available in different shapes and sizes. You need to know that a 10 person tent can accommodate 10 people when they are using Sleeping bags and there is no other gear inside the tent. But, some tents can be roomier than the others.

Let’s take an example to understand. Suppose, you have a tent with a footprint of 14ft x 10ft. Such a tent can accommodate 10 sleeping bags or 2 queen size-airbeds. On the other hand, if you have a tent with a footprint of 20ft x 10ft, you can fit in 3 queen-sized airbeds with ease.

Do remember that just because a tent is listed as a 10 person tent, doesn’t mean it can accommodate 10 people and also their gear. You need to check the footprint or floor space of the tent first. Check it and ensure that it has sufficient room to meet your camping requirements.

In addition to this, you also need to consider the height and shape of the tent. Some tents come with a center height of 74”. There are others whose height can go up to 84 inches. These extra inches can add to your comfort level, especially for tall people. The shape is also an important factor. A vertically walled tent offers better headroom to move around in comparison to a dome-shaped tent.

2. Privacy

If you want to have some privacy from your kids and other companions, then choosing a tent with room dividers is a good option. If you are assuming that all large tents come with room dividers, then that’s not the case. Some tent only has one big cabin without any divider. So, if for you, privacy is a priority, then you can go for a tent with multiple room dividers. Some tents can be instantly divided into 2 or 3 room tents using dividers.

3. Doors

Another factor that you must keep in mind while selecting a tent is the number of doors. For smaller tents, a single entry and exit point can work. But, when you are camping with a big group in a single tent, more doors will be convenient for entering and exit. Obviously, you don’t want a situation where you have to crawl over your friend in the middle of the night to go outside the tent when nature calls. So, it will be good, if you consider choosing a tent with a front and back entry point for a smooth camping experience.

4. Windows And Vents For Better Breathability And Ventilation

Breathability and ventilation are other important factors that you need to consider. If you are camping in warm weather, then proper ventilation is a priority. Proper airflow is essential not just for reducing the temperature in summers. It is also necessary for decreasing the humidity and condensation because of several people breathing in close quarters.

So, for better breathability and ventilation, windows play an important role. There are different types of windows between which you can choose. Suppose you often go for camping in summer or warm weather. In such a case, multiple mesh windows on all sides of the tent will provide proper airflow. If you camp in wet or rainy surroundings, then choose waterproof windows with zippers. For better circulation of air, you can go for a tent with vents at the bottom of the tent.

5. Material And Durability

The choice of material depends upon when and where you are going to camp. If you are willing to go on a backpacking or hiking trip, then lightweight material and frame of the tent are the best. Lightweight material options usually include aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass.

But, do keep in mind, by choosing one factor; you may need to compromise with the other. If you choose lightweight material, then you may have to make a compromise with the durability and stability. Under high pressure, fiberglass may shatter and aluminum may bend. If you want durability and stability, then you can go for heavy-duty material like stainless steel. However, this material is much heavier than fiberglass and aluminum and is expensive too.

When it comes to tent shell, there are usually two material options, i.e., polyester and nylon. The performance and standard of both materials are similar. But, polyester is better for sunnier areas as it provides UV protection. On the other hand, nylon is strong and is usually used in all-season tents.

Keep in mind that there can be different grades and quality of the material. So, we advise you to choose first-class material only. Also, check that the material is listed as “ripstop”.  Such a listing will indicate that the fabric is better tear-resistant and there are fewer chances of a puncture.

6. Weather Protection

A good tent is the one that keeps you sheltered and dry even during harsh weather conditions. If you are looking for a tent that can hold up almost all types of weather then an efficient weather-resistant design is essential.

For nice weather protection, choose a tent with a rainfly. Additionally, check the quality of the material of rainfly and also the waterproof rating. A rating of 500mm provides moderate water-resistance. A rainfly with 1500mm rating can handle heavy rain and snow.

Weather protection of a tent also depends on its seams. Even if you choose a high-quality rainfly which is 100% waterproof, the seams can let the water seep in. So, we suggest you to pick a tent with factory-sealed, taped, as well as welded seams.

7. Easy to Setup

To prevent the hassle of setting up the tent, you can choose instant tents. Usually, standard camping tents come with separate parts and tent poles and you need to assemble it bit by bit. Well, this is not the case with instant tents. These come with pre-assembled frames. All you have to do is unfold the frame and let the parts slide and clip in the right place. This makes it quick and easy to set up.


Every 10 person tent in our list has its unique appeal. So, picking a winner from this line-up is a challenging task. But, after considering the pros and cons of every tent and the general needs of the user, we pick Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Xl Family Cabin Tent as the best 10 person tent. We selected this tent as it is large, budget-friendly, takes care of privacy, and has sufficient storage space.

You can turn this tent into 2 or 3 room tent using the room dividers. Additionally, each room has a separate entry point. The tent can accommodate 3 queen-sized airbeds. It is an affordable product which comes with premium features like, E-port, mesh storage pockets, and a mud mat too. The tent has got most of the necessary features that a 10 person tent must possess. That is why we consider this tent a nice choice for a large family tent.