About FootSloggers

Hello, beautiful readers!

My name is Christine Howland, and like everybody else, I love camping and being outdoors.

Hiking and camping have been part of my system since we live near a gorgeous mountain base. It was always my go-to place whenever I want to get away from it all!

I grew older, but my eternal love for camping and hiking always stayed with me.
I got married a few years ago. And Yes – I am a proud wife and mother of 2 awesome (but naughty!) boys. I always try to encourage them to be part of my outdoor adventures, but they aren’t always up for it. That’s how Foot Sloggers was born.

I created Foot Sloggers with a simple mission – to share the guides, tips, reviews in the hopes that you and your family can have a wonderful outdoor experience.

The website (Foot Sloggers) has all kinds of articles about camping, hiking, survival, adventures, and much more. The site also has in-depth reviews of outdoor gears. I talk about all of my outdoor experiences – whether good and bad so that you can have a laugh or two about it.

I really hope that my site serves the purpose of educating you and hope that you enjoy reading the articles as much as I enjoy writing them.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime through email info (at) footsloggers (dot) com for any suggestions. I am all ears for constructive feedback.

Stay safe (Wear Mask) and have a wonderful adventure.

Till then