Backpack Beach Chairs

A beach trip is not complete without an amazing beach chair on which you can rest and chill. It’ll keep the sand from getting into your shorts and save you from backache too. But, out of a variety of beach chairs available in the market which one to buy?

Picking a chair that can fit your needs and last long without breaking is a tough process. So, to help you make an informed choice, we have come up with a guide along with the list of best backpack beach chairs. It will assist you in escaping the common mistakes which people do while choosing a backpack beach chair.

7 Best Backpack Beach Chairs – 2021

Bliss Hammock Zero Gravity Chair With Canopy

Best Backpack Beach Chair With Canopy

Bliss Hammock Zero Gravity Chair With Canopy

If you want to protect your skin from the sun and you forgot your sunhat, then you don’t have to worry. The Quick Shade Max Shade Chair’s adjustable canopy will give you sunlight protection.

  • It is a nice chair that fully protects you from UV rays using its canopy. You can raise, lower, or tilt the canopy according to your need for maximum sun protection.
  • You will spend your time comfortably on the beach using this chair. It is because the chair has got an ergonomic design. It comes with a higher arched back along with a spacious 22.5” wide seat for providing maximum comfort.
  • It is a tough chair which is water and stain resistant as there is the use of 300 x 600D polyester fabric.
  • For providing additional convenience, the chair comes with a side mesh pouch and a built-in cup holder.
  • For protection against normal wear and tear, the company includes a sturdy fabric covering to the chair.
  • It is a foldable chair which comes with a carry bag for effortless transport and storage.

All in all, the chair is a good option when you are looking forward to having a comfortable beach experience under the shade of a canopy.


  • Foldable chair for easy transport.
  • Adjustable canopy for sun protection.
  • Higher arched back and spacious seat for comfort.
  • Side mesh pouch and cup holder for extra convenience.
  • Durable fabric.


  • Color fading issue.
  • The fabric sticking and quality could have been much better.

Coleman Portable Quad Chair With Cooler

Best Rated Backpack Beach Chair

Coleman Portable Quad Chair With Cooler

If you are looking for an affordable chair with cooler that can offer decent quality and comfort, then this chair is for you.

  • This Coleman chair is a perfect combination of comforting design along with a built-in cooler.
  • The 24” fully cushioned seat along with a cushioned back is what enhances the comfort level of this chair.
  • If you like spending time on the beach with a chilled cold drink in your hand, then this can be possible using this chair. It is because the chair comes with an insulated pouch built into the armrest. The pouch has the capacity to keep up to 4 cans chilled.
  • The armrest has also got a built-in cup holder to ensure that you will have a refreshing drink within your reach.
  • There is a side pocket too for keeping other essentials like phone, snacks, or keys.
  • The steel frame is extremely durable which makes this chair a long-lasting product.
  • The collapsible folding design makes it easier for you to store and transport this chair.

Spending a comfortable beach time along with chilled cold drink by your side is now easy using this chair.


  • Steel frame for durability.
  • Built-in beverage holder.
  • Foldable and compact.
  • Can support a weight of up to 300 pounds.
  • Comes with an insulated pouch.
  • Side pocket for keeping essentials.


  • On putting excessive weight on the chair, the frame may crack quickly than expected.

GCI Outdoor Waterside Backpack Beach Chair With Sunshade

Best Backpack Beach Chair With Shade

GCI Outdoor Waterside Backpack Beach Chair With Sunshade

A sunshade on a chair can be a game-changer for those who prefer shade while sitting on the beach. This GCI beach chair has got sunshade along with some nice features that will make your beach experience more relaxing.

  • It is one of the most comforting beach chairs available in the market. It comes with a 4-position reclining backrest. Additionally, there is a head pillow and armrests too for providing extra relaxing feel.
  • For protection from the sun, there is UPF-50 sunshade. It is an adjustable shade that can adjust from front to back as per your preference. If you don’t want the shade, you can simply collapse it.
  • As the temperature becomes warmer, the ventilated seating has got a mesh panel to ensure good airflow. There is also a built-in beverage holder to have a chilled cold drink by your side.
  • The thing that I liked the most in this chair is the large storage pocket at the back of the chair. There is no need to carry an additional bag with you on the beach to keep your essentials. The large storage pocket of the chair will hold most of the beach essentials.
  • The chair comes with a seat height of 11”. It is a sturdy one too as the manufacturers construct the chair from powder-coated aluminum/ steel hybrid frame. The frame can support a weight of up to 250 pounds.

So, to enjoy your beach trip to the fullest, GCI waterside beach chair is a good option. It also has got easy-carry backpack straps for better portability.


  • 4-position reclining backrest.
  • Mesh panel for ventilation.
  • UPF-50 adjustable sunshade.
  • Large storage pocket.
  • Built-in beverage holder.
  • Sturdy powder-coated aluminum/steel hybrid frame.


  • Quality of arms of the chair could have been better.
  • A customer complained that the pillow fell-down after some time of use.

RIO Beach Classic 5 Position Lay Flat Folding Beach Chair

Best Folding Backpack Beach Chair

RIO Beach Classic 5 Position Lay Flat Folding Beach Chair

If you want a nice lounge chair which is lightweight and durable, then this RIO beach chair is for you. RIO brand manufactures some of the premium quality beach chairs and this is one of them.

  • You can enjoy a full day of tanning with this 5-position reclining folding beach chair. You have even got lay flat reclining option too.
  • While reclining, you don’t need to worry about your fingers or hands getting caught in the bracket. It is because the chair comes with a patented SAFE-ADJUST armrest design.
  • It is a durable chair in which there is the use of thick, high-end 600 denier fabric. Additionally, there is bar tack stitching in 16 places to increase the strength of the fabric.
  • There are no chances of chair folding or tilting while you are sitting on it as the chair features a locking bracket.
  • For weather protection and prevention of scratches, there is a marine-grade coating on the contoured wooden armrests.
  • For convenience in portability, the company adds an adjustable padded shoulder strap to it.

It is an incredible lightweight chair with a rust-proof aluminum frame that lasts long.


  • 5 position reclining folding chair.
  • Safe-Adjust armrest design for safety.
  • Sturdy 600 denier fabric.
  • Features locking bracket to prevent tilting or folding while sitting.
  • Bar tack stitching to strengthen the fabric.


  • Because of its low height, some people find it hard to get up from the chair.

Kijaro Coast Folding Beach Sling Chair With Cooler

Best Backpack Beach Chair With Cooler

Kijaro Coast Folding Beach Sling Chair With Cooler

If you want to enjoy a hot day at the beach with some chilled cold drinks, then this Kijaro beach chair can make it possible. It is an amazing chair with cooler and has got some really nice features.

  • The most attractive thing about this chair is the built-in cooler. It is a spacious cooler that can carry up to six 12 ounce cans.
  • Comfort is taken care of by this portable beach sling chair using the durable diamond ripstop polyester material. The detachable pillow headrest provides a relaxing feel.
  • If you are feeling too hot on the beach, this chair has got it covered with its breathable ballistic mesh back. It adds to the comfort too.
  • Its additional features include 2 ballistic mesh cup holders, carry bag, and a detachable water-resistant accessory organizer.
  • The rust-resistant frame can support up to 300 lbs of weight.

So, if you want an ultimate comforting chair with cooler, this Kijaro chair will work well.


  • The chair comes with a cooler that can carry up to six 12 ounce cans.
  • Comforting wit breathable ballistic mesh back and detachable pillow headrest.
  • Rust-resistant frame.
  • Comes with 2 mesh cup holders and a water-resistant detachable accessory organizer.


  • Even after being rust-resistant, some customers complained about rust issues.
  • Few customers said that the chair is not a long-lasting one.

Nice C Low Beach Camping Folding Chair

Best Backpack Chair Under 50

Nice C Low Beach Camping Folding Chair

If you want to spend some good time on the beach, then this Nice C foldable low ground chair can assist you in that. Let’s see what this chair has got.

  • The most attractive feature of this chair is its low ergonomic design that lets you stretch your legs on the sand. The low-profile even makes the chair more stable and sturdy.
  • The company has given special importance to comfort too. There is the use of breathable cooling mesh fabric to construct the chair which allows proper airflow. The cushioning on the metal arms provides extra comfort.
  • For additional convenience, the company includes easy to reach cup-holder to the chair.
  • Seeing its affordable price, the durability of the chair is pretty good. There is the use of a heavy-duty steel frame along with industrial-grade Oxford 1000D polyester mesh.
  • It is a lightweight chair with a carry case which makes transportation easy.
  • The chair can handle a weight up to 300 lbs with a low seat and anti-sink leg cap design.

Overall, this is a nice chair which provides comfort and durability at an affordable price.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Low seat ergonomic design.
  • Breathable mesh fabric for ventilation.
  • Comes with a beverage holder.
  • Use of heavy-duty steel frame


  • Lacks the reclining function.

Cascade Mountain Tech Camp Chair

Best Backpack Beach Chair Under 100

Cascade Mountain Tech Camp Chair

The Cascade Mountain Tech Chair is a multipurpose chair that you can use on the beach, sports event, camping, and concerts too. It is a chair with a whole lot of essential features:

  • It is a low profile lightweight chair which means you can comfortably snuggle up near a bonfire or enjoy the touch of sand on the beach.
  • It is a comforting chair with breathable mesh fabric and cushioned armrests.
  • It has got a strong steel and aluminum frame which can hold a weight of up to 250 lbs.
  • It even comes with reinforced feet which keeps the chair stable and allow it to stand on different grounds.
  • It is easy to fold and comes with a carry bag for convenience in storage.


  • Strong and sturdy, thanks to the steel and aluminum frame.
  • Low profile lightweight chair.
  • Breathable mesh fabric for proper airflow.
  • Comfort through cushioned armrests.
  • Comes with a carry bag.


  • Lacks the reclining function.
  • No neck support.

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How To Choose The Best Backpack Beach Chair?

So, we have discussed the best backpack beach chairs. But, are you still confused which one will serve your purpose the best. There is no need to fret at all. We have come up with a buyer’s guide for you that will help you decide which beach chair is the ideal one for you.

Adjustable or Not

Traditionally, the beach chairs that we used to use before were not that much flexible or adjustable. However, the ones on the list are not like that.

Think of a situation where you want to lay back and rest and tan. Or a situation where you want to sit upright to enjoy a water sport on the beach. Whatever situation you come across, your beach chair should be the one that you can adjust in accordance with your need.

So, if you are one of those who just get antsy sitting in just one position, then you should go for an adjustable beach with at least 4 positioning options.


We all want a long-lasting chair. So, while checking the durability, you should look into the material of the frame as well as the fabric.

Go for a frame which is powder-coated to provide protection from the elements. Choose a frame which is rust-resistant because the salty water at the beach can tarnish the metal easily. If your chair got rusty, its lifespan will decrease significantly.

The material of the chair should also be the one which is resistant to rip and tear. In addition to this, the seat fabric should be breathable for allowing airflow during warm temperature. In our view, 600D polyester is an ideal beach chair fabric that lasts long.

Water Resistance And Fade-Proof

If you are looking for a quality beach chair, then make sure that it is waterproof as well as fade-proof. If you are sitting on a beach, then there are higher chances that your chair may get wet, whether while watching a water sport or spilling water on the chair by mistake. In such a situation, you will obviously don’t want to sit on a soaking chair because that’s why you are in a chair and not in the ocean, right? So, the waterproofing feature is essential in a beach chair.

In addition to this, due to the harsh sunlight, the fabric of the material starts getting fade. Your new chair will start looking old and tattered. So, it will be wise to choose a fade-proof chair so that it looks like you have bought it anew.

Convenience In Transporting And Foldable

Convenience is a prime factor that we all want. We don’t want to use a burdensome product which is difficult to carry around. So, go for a beach chair which is light in weight. Most of the chair in our list are lightweight and still can hold hundreds of pounds, isn’t it impressive.

Other than lightweight, pick a chair which is foldable and compact so that it becomes easy for you to take it anywhere. A backpack-style strap in the chair or a carry bag for the chair with a strap makes it even more convenient to carry the chair around. This keeps your hands free and you can carry other beach essentials with you.


Comfort is a major factor to consider because we all want to spend a relaxing time on the beach. So, we recommend you to choose a chair with a high back. It is because a low back chair can cause neck or back pain and you will not be able to sit on such a chair for a long time. So for a relaxed feel, go for a high back chair.

A lay flat chair design is a more comforting feature. This feature allows you to take nap or tan yourself by laying the chair flat.

For additional comfort, you can choose a chair with lumbar support. Such a chair will not exert much pressure on your spine and surrounding muscles.

Another thing that adds to the comfort level is cushioning. A chair with cushioned armrests can provide you with a relaxing feel. An adjustable pillow can also give support to your neck so that you can have a comfortable experience on the beach.


Going to the beach is all about playing in water and relaxing, soaking up the sun rays. Most of us love to have a good tan, right? But, getting too much exposure to the sun can turn your tan into burn marks. So, protection against the sun is also necessary. In such a case, a chair with sunshade or canopy or umbrella can work wonders.

Built-in Additional Features

A chair can function as a simple chair or can be more than that. As we are looking for the best one, we should also look at the additional features that a chair can provide. We have already covered the features like comfort and convenience which are necessary. It is now time for us to look at the features that can make the chair even more comforting, like padding or built-in pillow.

The additional feature can also include storage pockets or organizers that can be of great help to keep your essentials safe, sand-free, and handy. Majority of the beach chair also comes with cup holders so that you can enjoy your drink while relaxing. A built-in cooler even makes things more comfortable. You don’t have to carry an additional cooler with you to keep your snacks and drinks cold.

Benefits Of Choosing A Quality Backpack Beach Chair

If you will choose a beach chair by considering the factors that we have discussed, then you will reap the following benefits out of your chair:

  • The chair will support your back during the long time you spend on the beach.
  • Many people go on the beach to relax and don’t want sand to get in their clothes. By using a chair, this issue is resolved.
  • By picking a chair with sunshade or canopy will help you block direct rays on your face and you can relax with ease.
  • The reclining feature of the chair allows you to lay in whichever position you want and thereby enhance your relaxation level.
  • The storage pocket will help you to get all your beach essentials at one place.
  • The cup holder along with built-in cooler is a perfect combination for spending a chilling beach day.

Winding Up

So now, you have a list of best backpack beach chair with you along with the buyer’s guide. All the chairs we discussed are of good quality and have got unique features.

Choose the one which you feel will fit your needs. If you already know which features you want, then just go through our top picks and choose a suitable one for you.

If you are unable to decide which chair will benefit you the most, then go through the buyer’s guide to have clarity about various factors that you should consider while making a buying decision.

In our view, the best backpack chair is the one which offers a combination of comfort convenience, durability and high-end features.

One chair that fits this description is the GCI Outdoor Waterside Reclining Backpack Beach Chair With Sunshade. This chair has got most of the essential features covered. The chair comes with 4-position reclining with ventilated backrest for comfort. The armrests and head pillow add more to the comfort level. There is a collapsible sunshade too for sun protection. The hybrid aluminum/steel frame provides sturdiness to the chair and large storage pocket provides additional convenience. The large storage pocket makes managing essentials even better. There is a beverage holder too. The backpack carry straps make it easier for the user to carry this chair around. All in all, it is a nice affordable chair that can help you have an enjoyable beach day.