Sleeping Bags

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Camping outside is fun, but when you are all warm and bundled up. You wouldn’t want two ice blocks for feet when you wake up in the morning. We speak from experience; it’s not a pleasant feeling. Don’t underestimate the temperature out in nature, both in summers and winters. There are many sleeping bags in … Read more

Sleeping Pad

Best Sleeping Pads- Foot Sloggers

Going out camping but afraid that discomfort while sleeping will leave you all groggy the next day? A sleeping pad might be a product your backpack is missing. These sleeping pads are mostly missing on the must-have list of campers. It will not only provide that extra comfort your sleeping bag is missing, but also … Read more

Backpacking Pillows

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A sleeping pillow is one of the essential items in your camping bag.  Unfortunately, most campers neglect the difference a good pillow can make and fail to get enough sleep. To make sure you don’t ruin your camping adventure, I have listed the 10 best backpacking pillows available for your ease. Scroll down and see … Read more

DIY Sleeping Bag Liner

4 Quick And Easy Steps To Make A Diy Sleeping Bag Liner

Going out into the great outdoors is an incredible experience. Nothing beats the feeling of curling up inside your Sleeping bag, laying down close to the earth and looking up at a starry night sky. But sometimes our sleeping bags aren’t warm enough that we end up freezing cold at night. Other times, we get dirty from hiking, … Read more

How To Make A Hammock Whoopie Sling

Whoopie sling - How to make - Foot Sloggers

Hammock camping is a great way to enjoy and experience nature. Usually, when you think of camping, you visualize a tent and a sleeping bag. But if you’re looking for a new and different kind of experience, you can try a hammock. Although hammocks can be quite a tricky thing to set up, oftentimes, they need practice along with the … Read more

Zero-Degree Sleeping Bag

Best Zero-Degree Sleeping Bags - Foot Sloggers

Camping is a very thrilling sport; over the years, many young people have become attracted to it. No matter how galvanizing this sport may sound, it is all about survival. However, surviving through zero-degree temperatures outdoors is not easy at all. However, nothing can stop a camper from following his passion. For all the camping … Read more

Summer Sleeping Bags

The Best Summer Sleeping Bags of 2021

Do you really think that you can sleep in a tent without a sleeping bag? Can you sleep comfortably without a sleeping bag if you are camping for the first time? Well, the answer is no, you can’t sleep well whether you are camping in summer or winter. You definitely need a sleeping bag to … Read more

Sleeping Bag Cold Weather

Sleeping Bag, Cold weather - Best - Foot Sloggers Weather

Going camping for a couple of days and spending nights under the limitless starry sky is an actual treat for any enthusiast. Nothing can stop an adventurer from planning trips, not even the cold weather. But going with inadequate preparation can ruin your trip, especially in winters. The fear of being frozen can make you … Read more