4 Person Tent

best 4 person tent

Going out for a camping trip or hiking trip with your family or a group of friends is the best recreational activity. It helps your mind and body to unwind and creates happy memories to cherish for a long time.  Finding a 4-person tent that will is roomy and spacious is going to make that … Read more

Tent Heater

best tent heater

Camping is an awesome expedition and is an interlude from the daily woes of life. It is a way of fun and peace that makes you feel a step closer to nature. Camping in two or three seasons is not a major problem, moreover, it adds to our experience. But, the main issue arises in … Read more

Tent Hot Weather

best tent for hot weather

You can never miss the adventures of summertime. When you go camping during hot days, you might find yourself full of sweat and feeling sticky. Hence, it is necessary to have a perfect hot weather tent that allows fresh cold air to flow inside to refresh and make you comfortable. Reviews Of The Best Tents … Read more

Tent Bike Touring

best tent for bike touring

Resting under the stars is a fun part of the bike tour. Bike touring is all about being away from the daily schedule, going through the different roads, and embracing the outdoor treasure. Here is the final list of the best bike touring tents to make your trip fascinating. Reviews Of The Best Tents For … Read more

Tent Heavy Rain  

best tent for heavy rains - Foot Slogger

Camping is a breathtaking experience. It is a bit disappointing to cancel your outing only because of the rain possibility. Even though a few people feel miserable camping in a downpour, it will be a fun activity with the perfect tent which can withstand heavy rain. Hence, having a high-end rainproof tent can keep you … Read more

Tent High Winds

Best Tents For High Winds - Foot Sloggers

If you have gone on more than a few camping trips in your life, then you know at some point you will have to camp in high winds and poor weather. Your tent is similar to a temporary home. Hence when the foul weather arrives, it should be able to protect you. This article shows … Read more

Tent Tall People

The Best Tents for Tall Person of 2021

Choosing a camping tent itself is a tiresome task, and it is more difficult when your height is above average. Walking up in a tent with toes touching the screen, endless bumping your head into the roof, falling when getting out of the small door, the challenges tall people face are infinite. Best Tent For … Read more

Dome Tent

The Best Dome Tents of 2021

Whether going up on the mountains or in the woods, a tent is one of the essential camping gears you always carry along. An ideal camping tent can make all the difference in your outdoor expedition. You obviously don’t want a lousy experience seeing a frustrated dad, tent poles snapping due to wind, sleeping on … Read more

Instant Tents

The Best Instant Tents of 2021

Like camping but dislike setting up time-consuming tents? Then, it is time to switch to instant tents. Because they take less time and little to no effort for setting up. You can set up the instant tents within seconds or minutes! So, I’m here with the perfect instant tents that are best rated and high … Read more

10 Person Tents

The Best 10 Person Tents of 2021

Nothing is more satisfying than sleeping and camping under the beautiful sight of the constellation of stars. This experience becomes more cherishing when you do camping with a large group of your loved ones. But, to enjoy your camping trip to the fullest, you need to have the best camping gear. Among the most essential … Read more

8 Person Tents

Best 8 Person Tents - Foot Sloggers

Are you ready for an action-packed venture? Camping is one of the most thrilling activities you can do. It helps you discover nature and rejuvenate yourself. Camping with your friends and family is even better. You get ample time to spend with each other and play. For group camping, you should get one big tent … Read more

Canvas Tent

Best Canvas Tents - 2021 - Foot Sloggers

Camping is fun, but if you don’t have the right tent, it can quickly dampen the spirits – that’s how crucial it is! If you are in the market for the best canvas tent, then we have just the article for you. Despite facing stiff competition from polyester tents, the canvas has been the number … Read more

Survival Tents

Best Survival Tents - Foot Sloggers

Are you one of those people who love going on backpacking trips in the wilderness? Well, then you must be knowing how important it is to have a sustainable shelter for protection against challenging weather and potential hazards. All the campers don’t possess the skills to build makeshift shelters. So, nowadays various survival tents are … Read more

Tent Boy Scouts

Best Tents for Boy Scouts - Foot Sloggers

Are you concerned about your boy? Perhaps he wants to join the boy scouts after his exams, and there, he has to sleep in tents. You want to select the best tent for him, and therefore, you’re here reading this article. I’ve chosen the five best tents for boy scouts. I’m sure this will help … Read more

Tent Appalachian Trail

The Best Tent for Appalachian Trail

Are you excited about your hiking trip on Appalachian Trail? I was, when my partner and I first decided to go for this adventure. The trail is beautiful and offers scenic views. You look all prepared, but since you clicked to read this article, I am sure you are clueless about the tent you want. … Read more