FIREDISC Outdoor Propane Cooker

Original FIREDISC 36" Tall Outdoor Portable Propane Cooker

If you are looking for a new cooker for your next outdoor adventure, we have the right solution – Original FIREDISC 36” Tall Portable Propane Cooker. It is an excellent choice for any outdoor cooking enthusiast, and it allows you to cook a wide variety of foods, from soups and stews to steaks. No matter the type of food you want to prepare, this model has got you covered.

The Original FIREDISC was designed for traveling, and it can help you create your own perfect kitchen location, no matter if you are in your backyard or somewhere off the grid. Let’s dig deeper into the features of this portable cooker.

What Can Original FIREDISC Offer You?

Original FIREDISC 36” Tall Propane Cooker offers everything you may need for your next outdoor gathering and much more. Firstly, it is perfect for traveling since it is collapsible and has a clever 3-piece design. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and no tools or hardware are necessary. You just need to pack it up and load it into your car or truck.

This model is 36” tall, which is a standard countertop height, and it makes cooking very convenient. There’s no bending over and back strain after a long day of outdoor adventures. The cooking surface has 22”, and it is large enough for all your cooking essentials. Also, it has three temperature zones, which means you can cook your meats while keeping your vegetables nice and warm.

Another feature of this cooker is the seasoned effect it offers. Its cooking surface improves the flavor of your meals each time you use it. Also, thanks to surface angling, the excess grease is drained to the middle of the cooker, which helps you prepare healthy meals.

The Original FIREDISC Cooker is crafted from the highest quality, ultra-high carbon steel, and it is high-heat powder coated at 450° F. It is a quality and durable model that can last for generations if you take good care of it.

This cooker was designed to run off a camp-size 16.4 oz. canisters, but it is also adaptable to 20 lb. tank. In this case, an adapter hose is needed. The Disc Grips handles are fire-retardant and secured with stainless-steel screws.

You can use this model on any terrain since its legs can bend to accommodate uneven surfaces. It is also very easy to clean – all you need is water and a paper towel or a cloth. Finally, this model comes with a 5-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship and a 1-year warranty for all parts and accessories. What more could you want?

How Does the Original FIREDISC Work?

Original FIREDISC 36" Tall Outdoor Portable Propane Cooker components

Let’s take a look at the components of this model:

  • A flexible stand – Since it is flexible and its legs can bend, it can be used on any terrain, and camping on uneven ground will be a breeze.
  • A cooking surface – A powder-coated carbon steel nonstick surface with three temperature zones and surface angling.
  • As you can see, the construction of the Original FIREDISC is simple yet very effective.


Nothing can beat the smell of juicy steaks and tasty veggies. Of course, it is even better when you are preparing them outdoors, surrounded by your family and friends. The Original FIREDISC is an excellent choice if you are planning an outdoor adventure with lots of delicious food. No matter if you want to boil, fry, sear, or simmer your food, this model will make it happen.

It is a great option if you are an outdoor cooking enthusiast looking for a reliable and durable cooker that will last for many years to come. This model is easy to clean, designed for outdoors, and comes with a 5-year warranty. You certainly won’t go wrong if you choose it as a must-have for your next camping adventure. Fore more camping and outdoors reviews check out Foot Sloggers.