Folding Camping Table

There were times when a camping table just meant the flattest rock you can find on the campsite. Obviously, this was the best option at that time as no one wants to haul a bulky table to the wilderness. Well, this is not the case anymore.

Today, the market is full of best folding camping tables which are lightweight and packed with essential features. Nowadays, the camping tables are stable, compact in size, and are so much portable that you can even take it on your most rugged adventure. But, with so many options and designs, choosing the best folding camping table is not easy.

Hence, we have brought for you our top picks for the best folding camping table followed by a detailed buyer’s guide.

Best Folding Camping Table

Outsunny Folding Outdoor Camping Table With 4 Seats

Best Folding Camping Table With Seats

Outsunny Folding Outdoor Camping Table With 4 Seats

When it comes to a folding camping table with chairs, then this Outsunny camping table is one of the best options available. This table is amongst the best suitcase-style tables that I have seen till now. So, I am pretty excited to gush about this one:

  • The thing which I liked the most about this table is its lightweight. If we think about a table which also includes chairs, we assume it to be a bulky one. But, that’s not the case with this table. It weighs only 14.5 pounds which is almost similar to the camping table which does not come with any built-in seats.
  • The suitcase-style design makes this table easy to transport and carry around. Such a design even makes the process of setting up and disassembling the table much easier.
  • The table is a durable one as there is the use of high-density polyethylene and aluminum in its construction.
  • Another good thing about this table is its 4 adult seating capacity. The chairs simply fold under the table which works as a good space-saving technique.
  • You can even adjust the tabletop as per your convenience as the table offers 3 height-adjustable options.
  • On a bright sunny day, you can protect yourself by attaching an umbrella to the table as it comes with an umbrella hole in the center.

With a portable folding design and in-built seats, this Outsunny table works really well when you require seating on the go.


  • The suitcase-style design makes the table portable.
  • Built-in 4 seats.
  • Adjustable height options.
  • Comes with an umbrella hole.


  • Weight capacity of chairs could have been much better.
  • Some customers complained about loose screws and bolts.

Trekology Aluminum Camping Table

Best Small Folding Camping Table

Trekology Aluminum Camping Table

After a full day of trekking and camping, you may need a small table to drop your gear or to have a meal. To help you do so, this small Trekology table will get the work done using its compact and lightweight design.

  • The table comes in three size options, i.e. small, medium, and large. So, you can choose a size which you prefer the most.
  • This small table is an amazing choice for outside use due to its high-quality material and weather resistance. The company constructs this table using the aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with metallic color coating. This aluminum tabletop works better than any other wooden or nylon- tabletop. It is because aluminum makes the table waterproof, wind-resistant, and durable too.
  • This table is substantially lighter in weight than wooden tables. You just have to fold it and put it in the included carry bag. This makes it a portable option which you can carry anywhere you want.
  • Assembling this table is very convenient. You do not need any tools for its setup. The aluminum frame design is such that you can simply pop this chair open and fold it easily to pack it. The hinge design is optimum to allow smooth and sturdy connection to the tabletop.

All in all, it is a nice knee height multi-purpose table which offers you the combined benefit of mobility and practicality.


  • Weather-resistant aluminum tabletop.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Available in three different sizes.
  • Comes with a carry bag.
  • Knee height of the table makes it accessible from camping chairs.


  • Some customers do not find it sturdy enough.
  • You need to tighten its screws before using it or it may fall apart.

Helinox Table One Camping Table

Best Lightweight Folding Camping Table

Helinox Table One Camping Table

When you are out camping, then this Helinox Table One will serve you as a perfect place for plates and drinks. This table rolls into a burrito-sized packing with handles allowing you to take it anywhere when you hit the road.

  • The company offers this table in two variants, i.e., mesh top variant and hard-top variant.
  • Both the variants are amongst the lightest folding tables available in the market. The mesh top variant weighs just 1.3 pounds and the hard-top variant weighs around 1.9 pounds.
  • The mesh tabletop variant comes with two mesh drink holders in the center. Both the variants offer enough space to perch plates and put some gear.
  • The construction of the table is pretty good. There is the use of advanced proprietary aluminum alloy in the frame. It makes the table strong enough to hold up to 110 pounds of weight.
  • You have the option to choose between a removable hard-top and soft top. The construction using the mesh and rip-stop polyester protects the table from UV rays and any harsh weather conditions. The fabric is machine washable too.
  • You can assemble this table with ease as there is a single internal bungee cord that puts all the poles in place.

This chair is all about offering a highly portable product with durable, stable, beautiful, and comfortable design.


  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Mesh variant comes with two cup holders.
  • The aluminum frame is pretty durable.
  • Use of rip-stop polyester which increases its life.
  • Quick setup.


  • A bit high priced.

Camco Adirondack Portable Outdoor Folding Table

Best Folding Camping Table Under 50

Camco Adirondack Portable Outdoor Folding Table

Camco Adirondack table is a convenient, easy to set up, compact table which you can use in any situation. It is a budget-friendly table which is great for any work you can think of. You can put your gear on it, have drinks, snacks or dinner on it, or it can even serve as a footrest. Let’s see what other features the table has got.

  • The table is quick and easy to set up. All you have to do is unfold its legs and then click them in the right place.
  • The small size of the table enables it to fit anywhere you want.
  • Storing it is also convenient as it collapses flat and can easily be stored in tight and confined places.
  • It is a compact table which you can use for resting drinks and snacks. It can also serve as a sturdy support for putting small items like keys, laptops, tablets, etc. It can even serve as a side table on campsite, beach, or pool.
  • The material is a durable one which will not crack, peel, splinter, chip, or rot. It is resistant to corrosion too.
  • There is no requirement for any kind of maintenance. You don’t even have to paint or waterproof it every now and then. The use of UV stabilized resins in the construction makes the table weatherproof as well as fade resistant.
  • The table weighs less than 3 pounds.

The Camco Adirondack folding table is all about making your outdoor lounging simple and comfortable.


  • Legs snap into place for easy setup.
  • Folds flat and compact for convenient storage.
  • Weatherproof, corrosion-resistant, and won’t even rot.
  • Compact size.


  • It is not too sturdy.
  • The size is too small; it may look like a child-size table.

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Table Cook Station

Best Folding Camping Table Under 100

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Table Cook Station

If you are looking for a camping table with cooking amenities, then GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station is for you. This table brings your kitchen outside as it has got a counter space and additional storage space for putting utensils and other cookware.

  • The table has got a one-piece powder-coated steel frame which is easy to unfold.
  • The table comprises an aluminum countertop along with a storage rack and 4 plastic fold-out side tables.
  • The aluminum countertop is heat resistant with a weight limit of 48 lbs, good enough to fit-in a camp stove. The lower rack can be used for dry good storage and supports a weight capacity of 35 lbs.
  • The 4 fold-out side tables have a weight capacity of 30 lbs each. You can use them to hold drinks, food, and other cookware.
  • You can simply fold the table flat for easy storage. For portability convenience, handles are also there to carry it around.

This table has got a unique design which makes it an easy-to-use portable cook station for your outdoor expedition.


  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Heat resistant aluminum countertop.
  • 4 folding side tables.
  • A lower storage rack.
  • The powder-coated steel frame makes the table robust and durable.


  • Some customers found the table wobbly.
  • There are complains about flimsy clamps and bent arms.

ALPS Mountaineering Dining Camping Table

Best Folding Camping table Under 200

ALPS Mountaineering Dining Camping Table

Whether you want to play cards or have dinner or enjoy tailgating, the ALPS Mountaineering table will not disappoint you at all. It is a spacious table having dimensions 28 x 43 x 28 inches and has got a lot of essential features.

  • The chair is available in three size variant, i.e., regular, square, and x-large. So, you can choose the size as per your requirement.
  • One of the many good things about this table is that the tabletop and the frame folds quickly. It allows the user to slide it conveniently in the shoulder carry bag and store and carry it easily.
  • The ‘X’ frame design is pretty sturdy. There are no side supports that can hit your knees. Even if there are no side supports, the design is pretty sturdy and maintains structural integrity.
  • To make the table more durable, the aluminum fold-up top is anodized and even resists harmful UV rays.
  • The table is lightweight and sturdy, fit for the use at any place where an extra table is required.

ALPS brand is continuously expanding, growing, and developing high-end, performance-driven quality outdoor products. And this ALPS Mountaineering table is a perfect example to prove that.


  • ‘X’ frame design makes the table lightweight and sturdy.
  • Anodized aluminum top ensures durability.
  • UV resistant.
  • Easy to fold and carry around.
  • Available in 3 size options.


  • Customers complained about the quality of the aluminum.
  • Some customers even received a broken product.

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Buyer’s Guide

A folding camping table can make your camping experience more comforting. It can be used for various purposes and can be really helpful in your outdoor expedition. So, let’s discuss what we should look for while buying the best folding camping table.

1. Easy Folding And Assembling

A folding table serves perfectly for outdoor use. It is because you can easily fold it in half and store it compactly. As folding tables are compact in size, it becomes easier to carry it around making outdoor activity hassle-free. You can simply travel by putting it in a small space in your RV. If the table comes with a carry case or bag, then that will be much better. It will help you to store the table more securely and travel on the go.

Do remember to always go for the table which is easy to assemble. You don’t want to waste your time assembling and tightening screws to set up the table instead of enjoying your camping day.

2. High-Quality Material

The frame of the camping table should be of high quality so that it can support high weight capacity and last long. The frame material that you usually find on a camping table is aluminum or steel. Steel gives the table strength and aluminum keeps the weight light. In addition to this, if there is any fabric used in the table, then it will be nice to go for 600D polyester. It is because this fabric is sturdier than any other material and is weather-resistant too making the table fit for outdoor use.

3. Weight Capacity

Check the weight support capacity of the table. This totally depends on your preference that how much weight your camping table should support. A combination of premium quality aluminum and steel frame offers great support. Such a frame can hold heavyweight and can last much longer.

4. Compactness

As we discussed earlier also that compactness is really necessary for a camping table. It ensures better portability and easy storage. Choosing a snap-together design makes the table more compact and easy to setup.

5. Size

Compactness is necessary, but it doesn’t mean that you go for a tiny table which is of no use for you. Choose a table size depending on your needs. Check the dimensions of the table before making a buying decision. An ideal folding table will be the one which offers you your desired size along with compactness and easy portability.

6. Table Weight

When you are looking forward to going on an outdoor adventure, you will obviously don’t prefer extra bulk. While on a camping trip, we tend to carry only essential gear to keep the weight of the backpack down. In such a case, carrying a heavyweight table on a camping trip would be much more burdensome than the comfort it will provide. So, make sure that the table weight should be around 8.85 lbs for convenient transport and portability.

7. Weather-Resistant

Always check on the packaging whether the camping table is weather-resistant or not. A camping table will be exposed to climatic changes. It will have to bear the wilderness, a hot and sunny day, and rainy or windy conditions. To handle all these things, you should choose a weather-resistant table. Make sure that the frame should be powder coated for additional protection and corrosion resistant too.

8. Manufacturer’s Warranty

It is wise to buy a table with at least one year of manufacturer’s warranty. Every manufacturer claims that their product is of high quality. But, just claiming is not enough. A manufacturer should also stand by the quality of the product and offer a warranty to the customer. A warranty proves that the manufacturer has faith in the quality of their product. Hence, never buy a product without a warranty as it is worthwhile to know that the manufacturer also has a belief in the quality of the product.


A camping table is not one of the most essential camping equipment. It is not always necessary to take it on every outdoor expedition. But, if you’ll take it, it will surely make your camping experience more fun and luxurious.

In addition to this, it is always a good idea to keep your camping gear and other stuff clean and dirt free. Especially when you are packing your things up for going home, you can simply use the table to keep the things off the dust.

One of the important things that you should keep in mind is, knowing before buying. Having the knowledge about a product enables you to discover what is important, what are your requirements, and other necessary factors you should consider.

It is also true that you cannot always anticipate your needs and requirements. So, to help you out, we came up with a list of best folding camping tables. Additionally, our buyer’s guide will assist you in understanding the factors which you should look for while buying a camping table.

Our pick for the best folding camping table is Helinox Table One. The table comes in 2 variants, one is hard-top and the other one is soft mesh top. The table is lightweight, weighing just 1.3 pounds, and folds in a compact size for better portability. It is a durable product with a strong aluminum alloy frame and ripstop polyester fabric. The table is even weather and UV resistant and easy to set up too. Its additional features include two cup holders and machine washable fabric. This table is a complete package where you will find compactness, portability, durability, convenience, and ease of use in one place.