How To Make A Hammock Whoopie Sling With Simple Tools

by Christine Howland | Last Updated: March 11, 2021

Updated on July 21st, 2021 at 04:56 pm

Hammock camping is a great way to enjoy and experience nature. Usually, when you think of camping, you visualize a tent and a sleeping bag. But if you’re looking for a new and different kind of experience, you can try a hammock.

Although hammocks can be quite a tricky thing to set up, oftentimes, they need practice along with the right tools and equipment to get ready. One of the components of a hammock that is very important is a whoopie sling.

Today, that’s what we’re going to talk about – how to make a whoopie sling using only five tools. But the secret is actually it only takes two tools since the other three can be optional.

If you would prefer to just buy your Whoopie Sling, we really like this one.

Before we get into the tutorial, let’s take a quick look at what a whoopie sling actually is!

What Is A Hammock Whoopie Sling?

A Whoopie Sling is an adjustable rope sling that is sometimes used for tree pruning or tree removal but most often used for securing a hammock to a tree. It is often made of an Amsteel Cord or Dyna glide and can be bought or made on your own. It can be a bit tricky to make, but with practice, it becomes very easy.

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Making your own whoopie sling can also save you more money.

If you’re ready to make your own whoopie sling, let’s go through the items you will need and the steps to get it done!

Tools Needed

Here is a list of some of the items you’ll need to make Whoopie slings.

Amsteel Cord

Amsteel cord is a type of braided rope that’s used for a variety of different purposes, such as hammock camping and kayaking. It is widely known for its use in making whoopie slings for hammocks.

Amsteel Cord for Whoopie Sling - Foot Sloggers

It is a 12-strand single braid that has a superior strength-to-weight ratio and is actually as strong as steel. Try to get the Amsteel Blue 7/64.

ALTERNATIVE: Dynaglide is very similar to Amsteel, except that it is a bit cheaper and slightly more difficult to work with. If it is your first time, try just to get Amsteel.

You can find the Amsteel Cord above on Amazon here.

Splicing Fid/craft Wire

If you do a lot of crafting, you’ll probably know about a splicing fid. If not, it’s a simple tool to use that will help you make whoopie slings easily.

Splicing Fid - Foot Sloggers

While I’ve actually tried making a whoopie sling without using this tool, I highly recommend you get one just to make your life easier. You can find a lot on Amazon, and they are actually really cheap.

We like this Splicing Fid from Marinebaby for under $20.

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Any regular marker will work just fine like a Sharpie. The marker is just for you to mark points in your whoopie sling, so you know exactly where to splice. If you don’t have a marker, a regular pen will work as well.

Hex Nut (Galvanized)

The hex nut will function as a ring on the whoopie slings, although this is optional as not all whoopie slings actually have a ring. The purpose of this is to join a ridgeline if you want to. The break will also prevent rain from running down the entire length of the Amsteel cord and into the hammock.

How To Make a Whoopie sling

Once you have all of the items listed above ready, try to follow these steps to create your own DIY whoopie sling!

Step 1: Create a Fixed Eye Loop

Step 2: Secure The Fixed Loop

Now, you’re going to create a “stop” so that the fixed loop does not come off.

Step 3: Burry The Tail Into The Main Body

Burying the tail into the main body is important because it will help make the entire structure of the whoopie sling much stronger.

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Step 4: Create The Friction Sleeve

Now you’ll be making the larger, adjustable loop of the whoopie sling.

Step 5: Secure the End With A Knot

The knot is the last step to create your whoopie sling

Alternative: As an alternative, instead of tying a knot in the end, you can bury it into the main body instead of the same way you did the tail of the fixed loop.

I know it might be really difficult to follow, so if it’s still quite confusing, you can try going along with the video below.

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Making your own Whoopie sling can be quite difficult and may need a bit of practice. But I’m confident that over time, and after a couple of tries, you’ll be able to get it done and do it yourself.

Whoopie slings are great camping gear and can provide you with enough suspension to keep you off of the wet or cold ground. Making your own gives you the ability to adjust the length, straps, tension and knots in order to hang properly.

Making your hammock Whoopie swing with an adjustable loop and ropes, you will be hanging comfortably from a tree or posts quickly.

Of course, you can always purchase a Whoopie sling if you don’t feel like making one yourself. But I feel like at least trying to make it once is a pretty great experience. Besides, making your own is much cheaper than buying one.

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