Sleeping Bag Cold Weather

Going camping for a couple of days and spending nights under the limitless starry sky is an actual treat for any enthusiast. Nothing can stop an adventurer from planning trips, not even the cold weather. But going with inadequate preparation can ruin your trip, especially in winters.

The fear of being frozen can make you think about a good quality sleeping bag. Since you are here, we are sure that you are looking for the best sleeping bag for cold weather. So, this article is going to help you with your difficulty.

Best Sleeping Bags for Cold Weather

Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF Sleeping Bag

Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF Sleeping Bag

Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF Sleeping Bag is our top pick. However, the question is, Why? Several factors play their role in making it an ultimate sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is a perfect combination of comfort, weight, and warmth.


  • Measured Weight: 2.85 lbs
  • Fill Weight: 30 oz
  • Type of Fill: Goose Down
  • Shoulder Girth: 66 inches
  • Foot Girth: 41 inches
  • Color: unset
  • Outer Material: Polyester, Tafetta

It has all the features that any sleeping bag could have, but the thing that makes it special is the several inches extra length and width. It is hard to digest that any sleeping bag with this compressibility and size is still that warm.

This bag keeps your body warm by forming a 7-inch insulated layer. You can take advantage of its large interior if you are a side or stomach sleeper. You can also use some puffy jackets to fill up the extra and dead insulated space in cold weather.

Kodiak shines among other bag packs when it comes to its fill weight compared to materials’ weight. The zippers, drawcords, and fabric are enormously lightweight and long-lasting.

Rain often looks beautiful; however, it’s the worst thing imaginable on a cold winter night during camping. And here we come with the good news that Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF Sleeping Bag offers excellent water resistance.

No doubt it is a considerable investment of money, but you won’t regret buying it.


  • It is extremely lightweight and comfortable.
  • It can keep you warm even at zero degrees Celcius temperature.
  • Its large interior allows you to sleep in every possible position.
  • It is completely water-resistant and keeps you dry in rain, mist, or fog.
  • Despite the additional fabric layers, it is competitively packable and does not require much room. So, you can easily manage other essential stuff in your pack.
  • A giant draft tube and a fixed stratum tape on each side of the zipper prevent it from tearing.
  • It is long-lasting and suitable for all seasons.


  • It is very costly.
  • It lacks a zippered pocket that can be useful in keeping small stuff.
  • Its large interior decreases the thermal efficiency.

NEMO Sonic 800-Fill Down Sleeping Bag

NEMO Sonic 800-Fill Down Sleeping Bag

The NEMO Sonic sleeping bag is a comfortable bag that allows you to toss and turn throughout the night. It comes loaded with a super wide-cut, a big hood, stretch around the foot, and many unique features.


  • Measured Weight: 2.95 lbs
  • Fill Weight: 24 oz
  • Type of Fill: Hydrophobic Down
  • Shoulder Girth: 61 inches
  • Foot Girth: 53 inches
  • Color: Granite, sunburst yellow
  • Outer Material: Synthetic

This bag is a combination of spaciousness and packability. It provides you with the freedom of roaming both into and out of the bag. But, roominess is inversely proportional to the thermal efficiency.

NEMO Sonic is not as warm as many other sleeping bags of the same weight. We also don’t want to agree with the statement that it is zero degrees back. However, some puffy jackets might help you like always.

It is tremendously lightweight and comes with a notable extensive cut, zippered openings, and draft tubes. The wide cut provides you with a comfy sleep in any position.

A tiny zippered storage pouch is also available. It was absent in the above-described bag, but we are happy to find it here.

As compared to the features, quality, and comfort, its price is satisfactory. It is a versatile bag, and zippered vents add to its value. If you are looking for a snug night under the sky, you can never go wrong with this NEMO Sonic sleeping bag.


  • This sleeping bag comes with a wide cut that allows you to sleep comfortably in any position.
  • It is wide enough around the hips to allow the free up and down movement of knees.
  • It is lightweight and compressible to an 18 x 11 inches sack so that you can carry it around quite easily.
  • Its hood is exceptionally spacious and warm.
  • It includes a belt for the hood and a separate belt for the draft collar as well.
  • The Velcro closure system of the draft collar allows you to seal the collar cozily around your neck.
  • It is extremely versatile.
  • NEMO Sonic provides excellent protection against water.
  • Two long and zippered vents are present that prevent the cold air from moving inside the bag.
  • High-quality shell fabric retains loft and enhances the drying time.


  • It is not warm enough to be called a true zero degrees bag.

Marmot Col-20 Sleeping Bag

Marmot Col-20 Sleeping Bag

If you are planning for a long journey, Marmot Col is definitely the best suit for you. It is a warm and lofty behemoth having vertical baffles, a strong weather-resistant shell, and tons of other features. It is no wrong to say that it is the warmest sleeping bag accessible in this category.


  • Measured Weight: 4.08 lbs
  • Fill Weight: 44 oz
  • Type of Fill: Goose Down
  • Shoulder Girth: 64 inches
  • Foot Girth: 47 inches
  • Color: Yellow vapor, green wheat
  • Outer Material: Pertex microlite

This bag is ideal for hanging out in base camp during the foul weather. The resistance it provides against the weather is incomparable. Moreover, it is super warm and capacious.

It is an excellent warmth to weight ratio and comes with some incredible loft and insulative powers. The wide cut of this big bag accommodates the layers and movements.

It is not as lightweight as other sleeping bags present in this list. Rather, it is one of the heaviest bags. The robust shell fabric and wide opening are the reasons for its weight. However, its extra weight compensates itself with space, warmth, and other incredible features.

Marmot Col outshines when it comes to comfort. However, the light-duty draft collar affects its comfort. Some people also don’t like the dense material around the foot box.

Its packed size is large but still manageable in a 60-liter pack with room left for other winter essentials.

If you spend considerable time camping, this bag is no less than a treat for you.


  • It’s extremely warm; moreover, its extra space doesn’t result in the reduction of heat.
  • It is genuinely a weather-resistant sleeping bag.
  • It comes with a hidden stash pocket, which is quite useful for keeping handlamps and batteries.
  • You can keep extra stuff inside to save it from freezing as it’s quite spacious.
  • Your money pays off as it is very durable and long-lasting.
  • Two long and thick draft tubes are present to save the inside of the bag from cold air.
  • Two-way zippers provide venting in case you feel too hot inside.
  • It glows in the dark, so you can easily find the way in and out.
  • It is very cozy due to the large interior.


  • It is a bulk investment of money.
  • The foot region is covered with a dense material that is often irritating.
  • It is quite heavy due to the robust outer fabric and extensive opening.
  • Its zipper is also problematic.

Western Mountaineering Antelope MF Sleeping Bag

Western Mountaineering Antelope MF Sleeping Bag

Check out this fantastic bag if you want to stay warm at zero degrees temperature with minimum weight. Western Mountaineering Antelope is an outstanding warmth, weight, and quality. This bag is fit for years of adventure. It is a true all-season performer.


  • Measured Weight: 2.63 lbs
  • Fill Weight: 26 oz
  • Type of Fill: Goose Down
  • Shoulder Girth: 62 inches
  • Foor Girth: 39 inches
  • Color: Royal blue
  • Outer Material: Microlite XP

Western mountaineering pays great concentration to the details and has staggering artistry. And, this bag is no exception. Its snag-free zipper is pleasing for the users. Moreover, its draft tube and warm hood are more efficient than any other sleeping bag.

Its large loft is impressive, and we found it warmer than NEMO Sonic and Kodiak. No doubt, Marmot Col is much warmer than it, but at the same time, it is also heavier.

Microlite XP outer fabric, high-quality down, and a narrow cut make it lightweight and knock out its competitors. So, it is an impeccable choice for long tours.

Antelope guarantees many cozy nights of sleep if you are a back sleeper. But, it is not comfortable for side or stomach sleep because of its narrow hood.

It has no reinforced foot boxes or zippered pockets, but it comes with the best zipper.


  • It is super warm even at zero degrees Celcius temperature.
  • It is exceptionally comfortable for back sleepers.
  • This bag is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry due to the narrow opening and high-quality shell fabric.
  • The hitch-free zipper is its attractive feature.
  • It is completely weather-resistant and has a good position among the best competitors of weather resistance.
  • It includes an enormous storage pack.
  • The bag is exceptionally compressible and packs down to a size of 8 x 17 inches.
  • It is durable.
  • It is easy and quick to get in and out of this bag on a dark night due to its effective zipper.


  • It’s costly.
  • It is not comfortable for side or stomach sleepers due to the narrow hood.

Marmot Lithium 0F Sleeping Bag

Marmot Lithium 0F Sleeping Bag

Marmot Lithium is an excellent choice for people whose priority is light weight. It lacks a dedicated neck baffle but is still warm enough to be included in this brief list of cold weather sleeping bags.


  • Measured Weight: 2.90 lbs
  • Fill Weight: 27.8 oz
  • Type of Fill: Goose Down
  • Shoulder Girth: 61 inches
  • Foot Girth: 42 inches
  • Color: Blaze, dark rust
  • Outer Material: Nylon

It is an incredible warm bag but lacks waterproof fabric. It is a traditional sleeping bag that should stay in a tent instead of a snow cave. The reason for its being so small is the absence of some features.

Its hood is quite cozy; however, the neck baffle and zipper baffle are integrated. It is a weight saving hack but affects the insulation of the bag.

This bag stands out when it comes to comfort as well as packability.

All its features are excellent; the second zipper is a welcome addition as it lets you perform the tasks while staying in the bag. A tiny zippered pocket is also present. Its hood can accommodate all types of heads ranging from pea-size to watermelon-size.

This bag is not suitable if you want to sleep out but lovable under a winter tent. Moreover, it is a great money value as well.


  • It provides exceptional warmth.
  • It is lightweight due to the absence of some features.
  • A second left-hand zipper is present, which allows you to perform functions while sitting in the bag.
  • It is highly compressible and easy to carry on long-distances.
  • Its hood is quite cozy and comfortable for all size heads.
  • Its shell fabric is ultra-light.
  • It is an affordable sleeping bag, unlike all the other bags on this list.


  • The integrated neck and zipper baffles result in poor insulation.
  • It lacks waterproof fabric, so the resistance against the weather is low.
  • It is not useable in the open air.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is a quality sleeping bag so mandatory for cold weather?

Camping is not only a physical but also a mental exercise. Going camping is the ultimate happiness, but going with inadequate preparation can definitely ruin your trip, especially in winters. There is nothing scarier than a restless and shivering night.

A good sleeping bag is the most vital thing you would require on a chilly night, as we know a good night’s sleep reboots and prepares the exhausted brain and body for the next day’s activities. And, if your sleeping bag is not good enough to keep you warm and comfy, you will end up quitting your journey.

2. Do sleeping bags lose their warmth with time?

The answer is yes. The life of a sleeping bag depends on how frequently you use it or how you keep it, and of course, it gets out with time, just like a sleeping pillow or comforter. After the use of a year or two, it loses its fluffiness. Moreover, a loss in fluffiness means loss of warmth as it would no longer be able to trap enough air to keep you cozy.

However, a high-quality sleeping bag lasts longer.

3. What can you do to keep the heat-retaining abilities of the sleeping bag?

The heating abilities of your bag can last long if you follow few things. Never store it in a tight bag. Instead, always keep it in a spacious place so that it can breathe. Always follow the washing instructions present on the bag’s label. Dry it on low heat, with a few tennis balls in the dryer.

It might rescue your cold-weather sleeping bag.

Things To Look for While Choosing a Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather

1. Warmth

Try to choose such a bag that has good credibility about the warmness. The sleeping bag will be of no use if it is not well-insulated and cannot prevent the cold air from moving in.

2. Temperature Rating

It mainly depends upon the conditions in which you are going to use the bag. You should select one according to the temperature at which you can sleep comfortably.

3. Size and Packability

Since you have to carry it along with other equipment, it should be lightweight. So, choose the size that can fit in your bag along with other essential stuff.

4. Weather-resistance

Weather-resistance is also an important factor because winters often have snowfall, rain, fist, or fog. So, your sleeping bag should be weather-resistant.

5. Comfort

You have to pay attention to this factor, especially while making a choice. Keep in mind your sleeping posture because some sleeping bags are comfortable for back sleepers but not for side sleepers.

All these factors are crucial and should be in your mind to make a perfect decision.


We are quite hopeful that you would have already chosen a sleeping bag after going through this article. If not yet, no problem. We have tried to unravel maximum mysteries about sleeping bags of cold weather.

All of the above-described bags are incredible, but our top pick is the Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF Sleeping bag. It is a perfect combination of space, comfort, and weight. No doubt, all the bags are a huge investment of money, but the price can’t beat a comfortable night’s sleep.

We assure you that all these bags are worth your money. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab yours.