Tent High Winds

If you have gone on more than a few camping trips in your life, then you know at some point you will have to camp in high winds and poor weather. Your tent is similar to a temporary home. Hence when the foul weather arrives, it should be able to protect you. This article shows the list of the best tents which can withstand high winds.

The Best Tents For High Winds

Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Tent

Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Tent

Here is the ideal tent for a small family of four that can resist high winds. If you are looking for an affordable and high-quality tent, you can choose this Gazelle pop-up tent.


  • Polyester fabric
  • Maximum capacity: 4 people
  • Product weight: 29.98 lbs
  • 78 inches center height
  • 61 square feet floor area

This model by Gazelle has one of the best pop-up hub designs. Due to its innovative framework, the setup is easy. The tent comes with all-metal hubs and sturdy fiberglass, which gives a supreme and durable pattern. Because of this, the tent can withstand high winds.

This tent only takes 90 seconds to set up. With 61 square feet of floor space, there is enough room for four people to sleep and keep their luggage. It has 78 inches center height, so it is a good choice for tall people.

The tent shows resistance to winds, water, and slight dew, and it comes with a 50+ UV-rated material. This four-person tent door has sturdy YKK zippers. They can resist constant use and would not break down.

The tent includes a reliable polyester floor. The thick strip from the hook and loop tape secures the ground in its place. They also surround the interior of the tent. Even if the floor gets sand on it, you can shake it to remove the dirt.

This model from Gazelle comes with a waterproof rainfly, and it has well-made taped seams. First, the integrated poles will stick into the corners, and then the roof pops up. You can leave it like that to enjoy the view of the night stars. You will receive a fully assembled tent in the package. After using it, you can pack this tent into a 67.5-inch duffle bag.


  • Powerful pop-up hub design
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Superior and high-end polyester fabric
  • Compact and lightweight tent
  • Durable and athletic YKK zippers


  • You can close the two-inch small opening at the corners.

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL

The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL is a high-end tent that can remain stable even in high winds. It is an excellent choice for solo hikers and has a fantastic combination of lightweight and durability features.


  • Nylon fabric
  • Maximum capacity: 1 person
  • Product weight: 2.6 lbs
  • 37 inches center height
  • 20 square feet floor plan

The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL is indeed one of the best tents on our list. This one-person tent uses durable nylon material. Compared to the other models, it weighs less and is easy to carry. Besides that, the tent will keep you safe from several weather conditions.

This tent comes with premium quality aluminum DAC poles. They give additional durability to the tent and keep it stable even during high wind situations. The tent can resist the breeze, and it has a spacious headroom.

One feature that stands out in this tent is the awning-style vestibule, and it comes with durable double zippers. Due to the spacious double vestibule area, you can sit and sleep without facing many discomforts. By staking the vestibule awnings, you will get extra shade, roomy interior.

It is easy to enter and exit through the entrance. There are pre-bent span poles with a four-way hub structure in the tent. What caught our attention is the remarkable TipLock tent buckle, making it easy for you to set it up. There are around five sets of internal mesh pockets to store essentials.

This tent from Big Agnes has a simple design, and it gives extra ventilation and blocks the entry of moisture. The tent material comes with a 1200mm waterproof rating, and you can stay cool and dry. For keeping away the water during rain, there are taped seams.


  • Available in another color and many sizes.
  • It has awning-style vestibules.
  • Ultralight, durable, and easy setup.
  • Perfect for three seasons.
  • Conventional, outlet, and 3D bin pockets.


  • The roof is not helpful during the high winds.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

This backpacking tent comes with built-in rain gutters and offers a stargazer view making it the best pick for people who enjoy watching stars. It uses reliable nylon fabric and comes with a premium waterproof coating.


  • 30D ripstop nylon fabric
  • Maximum capacity: 2 people
  • Product weight: 3.5 lbs
  • 39 inches center height
  • 7 x 4.2 feet floor dimensions

The MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent is the best tent for high winds. It is a portable, lightweight and small tent that easily withstands strong and punishing winds. It weighs twice less than ordinary or standard two-person tents. Hence, it is also one of the best ultralight tents for high winds.

The two-person tent uses premium quality nylon fabric. It includes a durable and impressive aerodynamic shape. With the durable and sturdy frame, it can stand against wind speeds up to 60 mph.

Due to the hub-and-pole system, setting up the tent is easy and smooth. Moreover, the main canopy of the tent comes with large mesh parts. It comes with a floor area of 29 square feet. The peak or the center height is almost 39 inches, which is enough to sit with comfort. Moreover, the total vestibule area is 17.5 square feet.

It features double doors for quick and easy entry and exit. The moderate size rainfly comes with impressive rain gutters on both doors. Besides, it includes a stargazer mode, through which it is possible to have a whole night sky view.

The MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent comes with an Xtreme shield waterproof coating. This coating can last thrice more than ordinary waterproof coatings. The Easton Syclone poles do not break down and can survive even in harsh winds.


  • Three years limited warranty
  • Lightweight and portable tent
  • Durable and sturdy wind-resistant frame
  • Premium and high-end nylon fabric
  • A versatile use rain fly


  • It is costly
  • Not suitable for heavy rain and downpours

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

This nine-person tent is very spacious and can accommodate three air mattresses. It includes a detachable rainfly. You can set up the core tent using simple instructions within minutes. This water-resistant tent comes with poles, rainfly, stakes, and one carry bag.


  • Durable 68D polyester fabric
  • Maximum capacity: 9 people
  • Product weight: 18.25 lbs
  • 72 inches center height
  • 16 X 9 feet floor plan

This nine-person tent by core comes with a 16 × 9 feet floor plan. It has sufficient space where you can keep your heavy and extra gear. This high-end tent is ideal for people who have loads of baggage. The core tent is made using durable 68D polyester fabric, which provides more stability.

To enjoy the outside scenery, you can roll up the mesh ceiling panels. When it starts to rain, you can use the rainfly to cover it. The rainfly comes with an extra broad and deep tape that is heat-sealed to it. Hence, your tent will be safe even during rain, high winds, and storm.

Ordinary seams allow water to enter the tent.  But the seams of this tent use H2O block technology to keep the water outside. The double ridge poles give more interior space, making this one of the best spacious tents for high winds of all time.

The tent comes with a decent venting system. These smart vents bring cool air inside through the flexible air intake vents. The vents are on the ground and let the hot air flee out from the mesh ceiling.

You can carry out an extension cable into the spacious tent via the E-port. Moreover, it features a triangle section at the top where you can keep sunglasses, caps, moisturizers, and more. There are hook and loop strips around the power cable which you can use to hang lighting.


  • It has a spacious interior
  • It includes fabric that has a 600mm hydrostatic rating
  • You can fit three air mattresses
  • It features gear loft


  • The stakes appear to be thin and sometimes bends

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent

This dome shape tent has a crucial frame. Pitching the tent is very easy as it has only a single-pole intersection. This tent is pretty strong, large, and stays rooted to the floor even when it is vacant.


  • Polyester fabric
  • Maximum capacity: 4 people
  • Product weight: 10.5 Pounds
  • 52 inches center height
  • 7.6 x 5 feet floor dimensions

When you want a storm-resistant tent with extra features, the ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent is the best pick. This tent can tolerate heavy storms and even brutal winds. This 4-person tent comes with robust poles to stand against the high winds. It also includes a bathtub-style floor which can broaden up to 4 inches and keeps the water out.

If you want the best performance during rain, place a footprint underneath the tent. Hence, the flooring would not allow the water to get in. Also, the rainfly is very waterproof and wraps the whole tent, including the ground. There are a total of eight durable zippers.

The ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent surpasses every expectation when it comes to ventilation in the central canopy. It includes two mesh doors and a mesh roof. There are two entrances, one at the front and the other at the backside. It comes with a good enough entrance size through which you can get in and out with ease.

This polyester tent has storage pouches at every edge of the tent. In the gear loft, you can place your goggles, watches, and more. Enjoy the charming vibe of the lanterns by hanging them to the loops from the ceiling. It also includes reliable aluminum stakes and guy ropes.


  • The central canopy provides incredible ventilation
  • It has broad interior space
  • It is easy to set up
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • A total of two doors


  • It is bulky and heavy
  • The windows do not have covers
  • The floor is a bit thin

Coleman Dome Tent for Camping

Coleman Dome Tent for Camping

The tent’s rainfly and walls use polyester fabric with anti-wicking thread. This weather-resistant fabric protects the tent in every weather condition. The usage of darkroom technology decreases the heat inside the tent to make it more comfortable.


  • Nylon fabric
  • Maximum capacity: 6 people
  • Product weight: 22 lbs
  • 68 inches center height
  • 10 x 9 feet floor plan

This 6-person tent comes with a separate screen room which gives more ventilation. Hence, you can use it as a bug-free lounging area or a second room. The high-end tent can easily resist 35+ mph high winds. This backpacking tent includes a sturdy wind-resistant frame.

All the poles are of fiberglass material and can withstand the high winds. Moreover, the guy lines offer more support to the frame during heavy winds or storms. The backpacking tent uses darkroom technology which blocks 90% of sun rays. Hence, you can sleep even in the past sunrise with comfort.

The floor uses durable waterproof polyethylene material, and the design of the bottom is a tub-style floor. It indicates that the floor material reaches up to the sidewalls of the backpacking tent. They have welded corners that keep the water outside the tent. Even in case of floods, the tub-style floor design blocks the entry access to the water.

The backpacking tent comes with inverted seams, which you can find on the inside of the tent. These seams make sure that the water would not get inside through the needle holes. The backpacking tent includes durable zippers. These zippers come with a cuff cover which is made using weather-resistant material.

It includes an impressive WeatherTec system. Even though the backpacking tent does not have high-end waterproofing, it can still tolerate moderate rain. The tent has an e-port inside it.


  • It comes with a screen room
  • The tent can fit into the storage bag
  • It uses darkroom technology to block sunlight
  • Withstands strong winds
  • One year limited warranty


  • The assembly instructions are not precise
  • Sometimes a few issues with the zippers

Kelty Night Owl Backpacking and Camping Tent

Kelty Night Owl Backpacking and Camping Tent

The Kelty Night Owl Backpacking and Camping Tent is an ideal pick for the backcountry tour. It is very spacious and can accommodate up to four people. With the stargazing fly, you can admire the night view of the stars and other lights. It comes with pockets that help with illumination.


  • 68D polyester fabric
  • Maximum capacity: 4 people
  • Product weight: 11 Pounds
  • 43 inches center height
  • 99 x 84 inches floor plan

The tent floor and fly uses 68D polyester fabric, which comes with an 1800 mm rating. It has no-see-um mesh walls. This tent features a good enough shoulder and headroom and includes double doors for easy entry or exit.

This reliable tent gives outstanding livability at an inexpensive rate. Pre-bent poles offer extra interior space. This tent has high-end material and other elements, and hence it can withstand high winds. The tent seams are tied to block the water from getting in.

It is easy to assemble the spacious tent. Even during night times, you can set up the tent within a few minutes. It has a lengthy floor plan and measures 99 x 84 inches. Moreover, the total interior area is 54.75 square feet. With a center height of 43 inches, it is also a perfect pick for tall people.

The affordable tent is suitable for night outings and people who want to enjoy the nightlife and sky views. One feature that stands out the most is the double vestibules. These two vestibules have vents, and each one is about 13 square feet.

The poles are of high-quality aluminum. Two sets of poles are different, and one is a rigid pole. In each corner of the spacious tent, you can find pocket sleeves. These mesh pockets keep the tent stable and secure when you deal with other poles. Hence, you can avoid situations like poles falling out of grommets and many more.


  • Aluminum sturdy poles
  • The package includes a precise quantity of stakes
  • It is very roomy
  • The tent comes with a stargazer fly
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • You have to buy footprint separately

FLYTOP 3-4 Season 1-2-person Double Layer Backpacking Tent

FLYTOP 3-4 Season 1-2-person Double Layer Backpacking Tent

This tent is ideal for one of two people, and it uses good enough quality materials. The floor includes standard waterproof fabric, and the whole seams are taped. It is one of the versatile choices, as you can use it for camping, hiking, backpacking, trekking, and many more.


  • Polyester fabric
  • Maximum capacity: 2 people
  • Product weight: 5.94 lbs
  • 45.28 inches center height
  • 6.11 x 4.11 feet floor plan

The Flytop 2-Person Tent is by far the best budget tent that can withstand high winds. Even though it is a low cost, it comes with convenient tent features and uses better quality materials. This dome-style tent has a simple structure.

This thick fabric keeps the inside of the tent dry even in the cold or winter season. It comes with a snow skirt which can block the ice and snow. The two-person tent has wind and rain protection. It includes tear-resistant sturdy polyester fabric. Hence, you can use this durable tent for every season.

When you have to face unpredictable or sudden weather conditions like snowfall, downpours, or high winds, then the FLYTOP 3-4 Season 1-2-person Double Layer Backpacking Tent is the best available option. One person is more than enough to set it up and to break it down.

The floor uses durable and sturdy 210T waterproof fabric and waterproof 210D PU4000MM Oxford fabric. The durable tent comes with a UV silver coating which can block 98% of the harmful sunlight. Hence, it is perfect for families with kids as the tent provides all-day protection throughout your outing.

It comes with thick walls and heavy aluminum poles. The package includes a carry bag using which you can store the tent after disassembling it. You can hold the carry bag with ease, and it fits perfectly in the car’s trunk.


  • It is affordable
  • Perfect for every season use
  • Durable and high-quality materials
  • It comes with snow skirts which keep the snow and ice out


  • It is a bit bulky
  • The tent has small vestibules

Looking for more tents? Check out these articles

Buying Guide

How To Secure A Tent To Withstand High Winds?

Weather is unpredictable, so are the high winds and storms. Hence, you should know the ways to keep your tent secure. Here are a few facts that you have to follow to make your tent more stable during the high winds.

  • Place the central or the most durable pole in the same direction from where the wind is coming.
  • Set up your tent in an area far away from fragile trees and weak branches. There are high chances that these trees might fall on your tent during winds.
  • If you have skills and equipment, place a fly tarp above the tent. Keep one side down to the ground, which can act as an extra shield against the breeze.
  • Put in the stakes as deep as possible, and surround them with solid rocks, which add additional strength.
  • When setting up the tent, use every guy line. When your tent does not have many guy lines, get some extra lines or durable paracords.
  • Check the friction of the guylines. Make sure it is neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Keep your equipment, backpacks, and other baggage inside the tent. These bags will act as an extra anchor for more stability and durability.

What Are Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Tents For High Winds?

Here are a few things or the features that determine whether it is the best tent for high winds or not.

1. Durability

The weight, materials, and price of the tent are enough to know the durability of the tent. Many tents that use high-quality materials are very durable. We recommend that you select durable tents as they can withstand high winds with ease. Several tents use polyester, nylon, and oxford mix fabric. All these materials are very durable. A few tents come with a hydrostatic rating which indicates the waterproof level.

2. Height

It is one of the crucial features of high wind tents. Having a tall tent is good, but sometimes you have to compromise on it, to choose the best tent for high winds. The tall tents are more prone to flee away with the wind due to their height. It is better to select the tents that have sufficient space where you can change a lamp. In short, this is a reasonable trade-off of the headroom or height with the wind-resistance.

3. Poles

The more number of poles, the more wind resistant the tent is. In general, many high wind-resistant tents have aluminum, fiberglass, and in rare cases steel poles. Aluminum poles are the perfect pick as they are durable, lightweight, and are easy to set up. Fiberglass tent poles are a bit heavy and show strong resistance to high winds.

4. Vestibule

Of course, having a vestibule will make it easy for you to keep the interior neat. When it starts raining, you can leave your dirty shoes and water stickers in the vestibule area. In winter, it creates an additional level of protection and keeps the snow away from the tent. To make your tent more resistant to wind, you have to stake the vestibules as tightly and securely as possible. If you do not stake them, they will result in wind drag which causes inconvenience to you.

5. Stakes

The longer stakes give more support to the tent. Several affordable tents come with J-shape stakes. When you go to a camp in windy places, you have to replace them with either V-shape or Y-shape stakes. Even though most of the Y-shape or V-shape stakes are hard to get into the ground, they provide more stability to the tent. These stakes are useful and show the best resistance to the harsh winds.

6. Stability And Shape

To determine the stability, you have to look at the shape and the quality of the components. As you know, the structure of the tent holds a lot of importance. It also specifies whether the tent can withstand high-wind conditions or not. With our experience, we suggest that you choose the dome shape tents.

In comparison with one wall or A-frame tents, the dome shape tents are much more aerodynamic. It grabs a minimum amount of wind and hence gives extra overall integrity to the whole structure. When you have an elongated tent, face the slim end in the wind direction, which decreases the wind impact.

7. Doors

It is a privilege to have multiple doors. But, if you want a high wind enduring tent, it is better to stick with the single entrance tents. Of course, it will be difficult for you to get in or out of the tent, but it is also difficult for the wind to enter. Hence, for wind-resistant tents, the fewer doors, the more safety.

8. Other features

Other features to take a look at are the full coverage fly, windows, guy lines, pole attachments, wind frame, groundsheet, roof mesh, and many more.

Bottom line

We considered several tents, and after testing each one, we created the above list of the best tents for high winds. We gave you the details of their features, pros, cons, and in-depth description of every product depending on our own experience. Our top pick is MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent. It uses high-end materials, spacious design, good enough ventilation, easy to set-up, and many more. To be precise, it ticks every box in our requirement list to be the best tent for high winds.

To make it much easier for you in selecting the tent, we recommend that you make a list of your necessities and criss-cross them with the above best tents. Hence, you can choose the one that is close to your list.